Low Cost Holiday With Second-Hand Flight Tickets

Published: 25th May 2010
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Everybody wants to fly as cheap as possible. A decade ago, airlines and travel agencies were still able to define the airfares, and flying was considered to be an expensive way to travel. Gone are the days when spontaneous city trips were a priviledge of high earners. Thanks to low budget airlines and flight search engines, today anyone can search for the best offers on the internet. And if you are not happy with the fares of one airline, you simply go to another.

Due to the low airfares nowdays, many travellers are willing to make a quick decision about booking flights. After all, the earlier you book, the cheaper flights you are likely to get. There is one disadvantage about such bookings, though. You have to choose your travel dates quite early, but you can't really be sure how your life stituation will be in six months or even in a year. There can be changes in your professional or personal life, an unexpected disease can mix up your travel plans as well.

Bargain offers from airlines can get expensive if you have to cancel your holiday on short notice. In many cases, it is not possible to cancel the flight or change the booking. Thus, travellers have no other option than to sell their flights to someone else. JumpFlight.com is a new portal where you can offer your transferable flight tickets for sale offer your transferable flight tickets for sale without a commission. Travellers looking for cheap flights and last minute offers can find several interesting flights on the website. The flight tickets are mostly cheaper than offered by the airlines at the same time. After all, they were booked earlier and for a good price. Even if there is a fee for changing the name on the flight ticket, travellers can still save money. The recycling mentality which has proven to be of value in many other areas of life, can also pay off when buying a second-hand flight ticket.

For more information, visit the company website: JumpFlight - Buy and Sell Flights


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